Get involved.

Love God, love others... Our first priority is to serve the glory of God.  Out of that comes a desire to serve others.  We want to help you get connected. To find a place that you can not only serve but have a group of people to serve with.


Available Areas of Service

Media Team

There are about 167 hours every week that people are not in the church building. Our media team works together to minister to people online and outside of church in a variety of ways.

Camera Operator - Camera operators serve two services each month. There is no experience required, You will be trained in how to operate the cameras effectively.

Livestream Moderator - Our moderators chat with those watching our services online. They are able to pray for them, minster to them, and answer any questions. The great thing about this position is that it can be done from anywhere in the world. The time commitment is completely up to you. We will work around your schedule.

Sound Technician - One of the most important and thankless jobs in the church is the sound guy. If the sound is good, no one notices. If the sound is bad, everybody notices. We have two sound positions at Cross Life Church. One is our main auditorium and one is our live stream sound. Experiences is not necessary but helpful. There is some time commitment with this position because it takes a lot of training but it is a great way to serve behind the scenes and have a huge impact.

Projection Tech - These are the people that make sure everybody is singing the right words at the right time. They run the computer the projects song lyrics and Bible verses. There is no experience needed and you will serve 2-3 per month.

Social Media - If you enjoy social media then we need you to help us. You can help on any level, whether its answering comments or posting content there is a place for you on our team. Experience is not necessary but who doesn’t know how to do social media these days?

Hospitality Team

Our hospitality team works to make sure that families are taken care of and new guests feel welcome. This is a powerful ministry for those who like talking with people and getting involved in their lives. Here are a few places you could serve on this team.

Greeters - The first impression is the best impression. We want to make sure that as people come in the door they are welcomed by friendly faces that are genuinely happy to see them there. If you are friendly and outgoing this is a great place for you to serve a few times a month.

Meal Prep - One of the greatest things we have the opportunity to do is to serve those who are mourning. When one of our family passes away, we are able to provide meals to their family. When we need to make a meal, we will contact you and see if you can help by bringing a dish to the church. If you love serving through food, this is a great place to get involved.

Visitation - We have a group of people that take the time to visit those in the hospital or the elderly in our church. This is a phenomenal way to minister to people in real life. The time commitment varies based on your availability.

Custodial - This is a large church and while we have a full time custodian we can always use extra help making sure this place stays in great shape. If you are detailed and love to work then this is a great spot for you.

Nursery Director - If you have great organizational skills this is a great place to lead. We have a paid staff in our nursery but need a director who could help set up policies and lead the staff. This position does not include working in the nursery during church but would take time during the week to organize.

Transportation Team

We have an amazing opportunity at Cross Life Church to help people who couldn’t otherwise get here on their own. This is a great opportunity to get out in the community and minister to people on the streets.

Van Drivers - If you have a good driving record and some time this is a great position for you. We have vans pick up people on Sunday mornings, Tuesday nights, Wednesday nights, and Thursday evenings. If you would be available to help on any of these nights we would love to have you.

Security Team

One of priorities at Cross Life Church is to make sure that people feel safe. Therefore we have a great group of people who serve on our security team each and every service.

Security Team - If you would be interested in helping keep the church safe, this is a great position for you. There are trainings throughout the year that the security team attends plus they serve a few services each month. No experience is necessary.

Administration Team

The Administration Team is what makes church happen every single week. Whether they are answering phones, counting offerings, or helping with random office tasks, they are the heartbeat of our church.

Other Opportunities

There are a number of other ways you can serve at Cross Life Church. If you are interested in learning more about any of these, please let us know.

Children’s Ministry

Student Ministry


Sunday School Teachers

Parking Ministry