We are so glad that you have found us.  It doesn't matter if you grew up in church or have never been inside one, you are welcome here.  Come as you are and meet a group of people who desire nothing more than to experience the presence of God each and every service.


Times and Location

Sunday mornings at 10:00am

Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm

Live Prayer and Worship Every Wednesday at 12pm

Cross Life Church

1010 West Combs Street

El Dorado, AR 71730



What to expect

When visiting a new church we know that it can often times be a strange experience. We promise you that is true with us as well. So go ahead and check us out online by watching one of our live streamed services before you visit.  This will give you a chance to experience one of our services from the comfort of home.  After that, come check it out in person.  In the meantime, we will try to answer some of the more commonly asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do people wear at Cross Life Church?

A: We encourage our members to wear a color that corresponds with the first letter of the month.  For instance in October, you really should wear orange. Ok we are just kidding, feel free to wear whatever color you want.

Q: What is the music like?

A: Loud and often times the drummer is off beat but you really should just hear it for yourself.

Q: What is the preaching like at Cross Life Church?

A: Mediocre at best.  But where the preachers lack in communication skills, they make up in good looks and corny jokes.  You can watch some of the past sermons on Youtube.

Q: How long do the services last?

A: Roughly 7,236 seconds.

Q: What is available for my children?

A:  For kids from 0-4 years old, our nursery is open every service.  We have considered giving your kids extremely healthy snacks, but instead we will just feed them red dye and sugar.

For children 6-12 years old we have children's church available on Sunday mornings at 10am. Our children's pastor, Jackye Swilley, is amazing and your kids will love their time with her. Nonetheless, you will have to take your kids back at the end of church no matter how much you may want to leave them.  

Of course your children are always welcome in any of the main services. Don't worry, you won't be able to hear them over the music.

Q: Can I meet the pastor?  

A: Yes, he's the guy up front who talks a lot.  Feel free to introduce yourself to him, preferably after he's done talking.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Ask God.  If that doesn't work email us, call us at 870.863.7626 or reach out to us on Facebook.